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Printing Tiles in 9.2

August 12 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Page Layout, Publishing

Good morning.

I have created a map that is 84 x 96" and am trying to print it on our HP4000 printer. The page size is 42 x 48".

The problem is there is a strip approx. 1/2" that is not printing.

I have attached a jpeg to illustrate where the problem occurs.

I have done this before with this printer and have not had this problem.

Any suggestions?


Mapping Center Answer:

Given that your printer being limited to 42" I suspect the problem is one of printable area, i.e., the device may not print all the way to the edges of the paper. Check the printer manual to see what the maximum printable area is. In order to get a two-panel solution, your page size must have it's shorter dimension being shorter than 2x the maximum printable width.

Also check out one of our technical articles called, Print a large map as panels or tiles with ArcPress or ArcMap.

If after that you continue to think the map ought to work in two panels, definitely contact technical support and they should be able to help determine what's causing the missing half inch.


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