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Tips and troubleshooting for leader lines

August 12 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex, Symbology

Hi there
I'm having trouble getting leader lines to work. I'm using 9.2 ArcInfo with Maplex and have a basic set of polygons that I want to label with bullet style leaders.
I've set the "Symbol" type to be "Bullet Leader" and gave it an "Offset Limit" of 15 mm. I also selected that it's OK for labels to overrun polygon and to stack.

However, not all labels get a leader?? It's the only feature I'm labeling so it shouldn't be due to conflicts....??

The attached graphic shows the offending labels.... scratch that.... the attachment gizmo isn't working for me?!?

I also tried converting to Feature linked Anno as I will ultimately need to adjust the position of the labels. I was sort of hoping that the missing leaders would magically appear... no such luck.

Could you please give me some tips on how to fix this? Many thanks for your help!


Mapping Center Answer:

So first, leaders only appear when needed. Second, having an offset limit (called Leader Tolerance in the user interface) of 15mm is actually saying that you don't want to see a leader until a label is at least 15mm away from it's feature. So, I would suggest a something like 5mm.

Third, and the real problem is a combination of the placement option (Curved) and the Offset (1) as they were defined in that Bullet Leader label style.  These should have been Offset Horizontal for the placement option, and I used 5mm (forcing the issue based on the leader tolerance) for the Offset--at that point I got lots of leadered labels. 

Last just to be sure you're setting the leader tolerance, it's in the Text Symbol Properties dialog, on the Advanced Text tab, where you'll click Properties just below the checked option for Text Background.

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