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Labelling populated places

August 24 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

Hello! I want to make labels for a large scale map of Europe. My feature class contains thousands of cities, towns, villages etc. with population estimate. The problem is, the Maplex labelling engine does not order points by attribute value. I have to cathegorize my feature class by inserting it to the map document several times and adjust definition queries. After that I label each layer from the largest cities to the villages in sequence every time converting labels and appending to the annotation class. Because I want not to omit larger populated places instead of smaller, I am left with 40 layers of the same feature class with different definition queries. I will need to produce 18 maps similar to this. I want to know if there are any more efficient and less time consuming workflows to label a map with such qualities:

  • larger places should have a bigger priority (cannot be omitted instead of smaller places);
  • labels should not overlap;
  • symbols only for labeled features should be left in the map;
  • as many labeled features as possible

Mapping Center Answer:

Generally what we recommend in this case is the following: Classify the cities into separate symbology classes according to the population using the class breaks renderer.

  1. Classify the cities into separate symbology classes according to the population.
  2. Create label classes based on the symbology classes (Label Manager has the functionality to do this.)
  3. Set up the label properties and text symbol sizes for each label class (larger cities would probably have larger text sizes, etc.)
  4. Finally, use the Label Priority dialog (access this on the Labeling toolbar) to prioritize the classes (give the larger population classes a higher priority, etc.)

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