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Coloring labels to match the colors of the items being labeled

September 05 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Symbology

I have an electrical line layer which has several different circuits (labeled A, B, C, etc.) I have symbolized the layer by category to show different colors for the different circuits. Is there a way to make the color of the labels for those circuits match the color they are on the map - i.e. can I apply the color symbology for the lines to the labels. For example if circuit A is red, circuit B is green and circuit C is blue, is there an easy way to make the label for circuit A red, the label for B green, the label for C blue, etc. (Other than creating an annotation class and individually editing each label to over-ride the default color in the annotation class)?

Mapping Center Answer:

Unfortunately there's nothing automatic for doing that.  However, note that using exactly the same color has it's perils because your text can get visually confused for your features.  I would recommend using a lighter or darker hue for your labels to avoid that issue.

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