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Dont allow labels to overlap features from other layers

September 08 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex


I am making a map and I would prefer that labels do not overlap roads. how would I do that in maplex?

Also, there are some crowded areas on the map. Is there a way to increase the label buffer beyond 50%?

Mapping Center Answer:

To keep the labels off the roads, set the Feature Weight for the roads to 1000.  That's a "magic" number for the Maplex user interface; values of 1-999 are interpretted relatively and such that since you didn't enter 1000 that it may be okay in extreme circumstances to place a label on a feature with a weight of 999.

At 9.3, we improved the label buffer option to, first work, and have the option to work as most folks expect it to.

Another trick I use, that may be helpful in both cases is to create a duplicate layer of say, the highways, but use a wider symbol than the original, and set its color to "No Color" so it won't be seen.  Then set the feature weight for the "No Color" layer to something like 900 and that will generally keep other labels off of that area.


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