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Bump mapping using ArcGIS 9?

September 09 2008 | 3 comments
Categories: Symbology

Hello there,

I'd like to create a simple bump mapping to give a vegetation sense to my map. What I have is a vegetation poligon layer and a DEM, mostly flat surface, and an agricolture layer and ArcGIS 9.2 with extensions. I read around the web but never came out with a solution, didn't understand calculations, how can I do?

Thnx for any help you will provide

Mapping Center Answer:

We are working on creating a model to do the 3D tree effect, but in the meantime, you can download a PowerPoint that describes in detail how to achieve this cartographic effect. Go to the Other Resources tab here on Mapping Center and scroll down to find the link to this PDF:

2005, July 25-29, 25th ESRI UC 2005, Cartography: Advanced Cartographic Effects, Buckley, A. & D. Barnes, PDF (1.1MB).

The bottom notes for this presentation (see slide 36) take you step-by-step through the bump mapping process, as well as a number of other really neat cartographic effects used on the Crater Lake map.

Note that there is also a paper on bump mapping given at the 2003 User Conference that you can download from our Web site: This was written by Jeff Nighbert who is as far as I know the first one to implement this technique in ArcGIS. He also did a presentation on an even more refined bump mapping technique &ndash here is the abstract for that presentation: You can also check out a paper by Tom Patterson of the National Park Service – he used the technique as well but he achieved it using Photoshop. Here is the link to that paper: Getting Real: Reflecting on the New Look of National Park Service Maps ( And while you are here, you might check out the rest of Tom’s web site –

Link to presentation posted by Andrew Jeffrey on Feb 23 2009 2:15PM
Is there a link to Jeff's presentation or only the abstract???
Advanced Cartographic Effects posted by Anthony Hewitt on Apr 16 2009 2:46PM
The Link mentioned above to the Advanced Cartographic Effects PDF, appears to be broken. Is there another place to download it?

Soon! posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 16 2009 3:27PM
I am just waiting for our tech team to deploy the file to the web site -- the new links should work for you!

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