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Using ArcMap files in Garmin MapSource

August 31 2007 | 2 comments
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Do you know if there is a way to convert an ArcMap .mxd file into a Garmin MapSource .mpc file?

Mapping Center Answer:

You can use the GPSi extension in ArcMap to download points or tracks from/to a Garmin™ GPS unit. Download it from: The functionality for this script includes:

- Download Waypoints
- Download Tracks
- Upload Waypoints

This is a document I found online that describes the procedures step-by-step: I don’t have a Garmin unit so I can’t test it out myself, but it looks pretty straightforward!

Hope this helps!

Cannot find Hospital in Emergency posted by Jack Simpson on Jan 31 2012 10:51PM
Dear Sir,

I just purchased a Nuvi 2565 from ESRI in Bangkok. It will replace the Zumo I purchased in the US. I currently live in Nang Rong, Buriram province, Thailand. This is a medium town of about 30,000 residents.
The first thing I checked was under Points of Interest in the Hospital category. The four categories were:

1. All services
2. Hospital
3. Medical Service (this has only veteranary services here in Thailand)
4. Parmacy or Chemist.

The second choice was Hospitals, the third Medical Service and the fourth Pharmacy or Chemist. I chose the second – "Hospital". Every small clinic, every optical shop, dentist, etc. was in the list. I wanted to see if the only operating hospital in the area, Nang Rong Hospital, less than two km away, would appear. I had to scroll through a number of pages until I could get more than 1 km away and finally found the hospital only two entries from the end of the list.

Note that the where the list ended, the furthest item was only 2.2 km away, much less than the size of this small town. Had there been a few more small clinics nearby (every doctor and a number of people who are not have them) or if I were just a bit further from the hospital it would not have appeared.

If I were to have an emergency and not be familiar with this area, I doubt if I could find the only nearby hospital. Certainly if I did not know their exact name, my chances of finding a hospital in a nearby town would be zero.

The feature for locating a hospital in an emergency is useless. Yes, I tried the alternative method under “Where Am I - Hospital” and got the same result. This appears to be the fault of the ESRI map, not the device. The maps should be updated. Put the clinics, etc under Medical Services which now is only Veteranary services.

Better yet, add a category between Hospital and Medical Service for clinics, optical shops, dentists, etc.

Keep the Hospital category for hospitals.

Jack Simpson
Owner of 4 Garmin devices in the US, 2 in Thailand.
Contact Esri Technical Support posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 1 2012 3:24PM
Best thing to do for a problem like this is to contact our Technical Support staff -- you can do that through Mapping Center here:

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