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Labeling Small Doughnut Polygons with Leader lines

October 06 2008 | 3 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

I'm Creating Soils maps, in some instances we have small polygons that have another small polygon inside. See the attached image. How can I make the leader line point to the right polygon, and not just the center of both?


Mapping Center Answer:

In Maplex at 9.3 we added options to handle this situation.  On the Label Position tab of the Maplex Placement Properties dialog click the Anchor Points button to choose an option. It looks like the "Eroded Center" option is what will work best for you.

9.2 posted by omar vega on Oct 7 2008 6:03AM
Is there a way to get a good result on 9.2?
Only with annotation and editing posted by Charlie Frye on Oct 7 2008 9:33PM
We added those options to 9.3 for precisely this issue.

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