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Traffic Signal in 3 Colors

October 08 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

There is a traffic signal symbol in the Transportation symbol set. Actually, there are 4 of them. One has no colors, and each of the other 3 has 1 color - red, yellow, or green - but none of them have all 3 colors together. I have been asked to modify the symbol to show all 3 together.

I have added 2 circles of yellow and green to the red version, and offset them appropriately, but if I scale the size of the overall symbol, the red circle stays in place, but the 2 I added do not scale simultaneously and have to be adjusted each time.

Is there a way to get these 2 to scale with the overall symbol?

Mapping Center Answer:

Pick any of the symbols that has one of the colors defined and make a copy of it.  Then edit its properties.  You will be adding two more layers of character maker symbols by copying and pasting the colored layer in the symbol you copied:

1. Use the copy and paste buttons at the bottom left of the Symbol Property Editor.

2. for each of the copies of the dots, change the character mark--notice in the ESRI US MUTCD 3 font that characters 235, 236, & 237 represent each of the dots. Change the colors as appropriate. 

Note that you should not have to change the offset or size of the symbols--these font glyphs were specifically designed to work for this symbol.


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