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North American Watershed Map

August 23 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have been trying to find a place to purchase a watershed map of the lakes, rivers and streams
of N. America that does not show roads and boundaries only water. Do you know I might find one of
these maps?
Thanks for your help.

Mapping Center Answer:

I would start with the United Nations Global Environmental Monitoring Program (GEMS)/Water Programme. You might also check with ether the Nature Conservancy or the United Nations Environment Program.

Also, GeoNova has a U.S. (not North America) map of watersheds:

It has cities and state boundaries, but no transportation. And there is a map of selected rivers and watersheds in North America:

Of course, the lake and rivers data are all available on the ESRI Data and Maps that that comes free with your ArcGIS license, if you want to make your own map. Your organization should already have the DVDs, though if not, it likely makes more sense to just request an update which is available on the webpage referenced above. Then you would need the watershed boundaries but if these come from a different source, there may be an alignment problem.

There is also the National Hydrography Dataset ( This is just for data in the U.S., but they may have links to North America data or you may be able to add in Canadian data.

In any case, maybe this is useful, maybe not. Good luck in your quest and let us know how it all comes out!

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