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Convert EPS symbols into a ESRI style

October 17 2008 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology


I have symbols that are right now in EPS format and I would like to create a style with them. What is the best way to proceed ?


Mapping Center Answer:

There are two potential workflows:

  1. If the EPS files are multi-color use a graphics software package to export them to .EMF files that you can make picture marker symbols from.  I't important to set the artboard for each EPS file to match the extent of the graphics in order to get a good result.  This will work for single color EPS artwork as well.
  2. In many cases we copy EPS artwork into a font editing software package and create a TrueType font.  We do that because we've developed the in-house expertise to do so and that had a bit of a learning curve.  However, if you want to create representation marker symbols you can dispense with the refined aspects of that workflow because it is possible to create representation markers from font-based markers, but not with EMF files.  Once the artwork is converted to a representation marker it is easier to edit any remaining qualities of the graphic in the representation marker editor.

CMYK Symbols from EPS Artwork? posted by Eric Geddes on Jun 30 2009 3:15PM
What about CMYK symbols from CMYK EPS artwork? What workflow does ESRI recommend?
Options for your EPS artwork posted by Jaynya Richards on Jun 30 2009 6:09PM
For CMYK symbols that are images, your choices are limited to a couple of scenarios:
(1) Convert the image (picture) to either one of two formats as in the stated case in a previous comment (BMP or EMF).
(2) In the case of a CMYK EPS artwork—guessing here – since this could refer to many forms of said artwork, let’s say this refers to a typical complex symbol made of several individual colors which can then be put through Adobe Illustrator’s color separation procedure as the (C) cyan, (M) magenta, (Y) yellow, and (K) black layers. Create the separations, then copy and paste each of these separate layers (after converting them in Adobe Illustrator as a separation) into a editable form within a font editing program as glyphs. Save these glyph collections in a new font. Install the font on your system. Switch to ArcGIS and then proceed to reassemble your complex symbol as layers (pointing to your new glyphs by navigating to your font) in the symbol editor and assign the CMYK values to the properties of the symbol color. Then repeat the task as necessary.

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