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Undistorted maps in data view

October 17 2008 | 2 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

In layout view options, one has the option to stretch or not stretch the map when resizing the window. Is there as similar option for data view? Among other things,I'd like to be able to see an undistorted view. How do I know when the printed map is not distorted (as it definitely can be)?

Mapping Center Answer:

From ArcMap's Tools menu select Options and show the Data View tab.  I don't remember which version of 9.x it was, but we added an option to make data view behave like layout view when you resize the ArcMap window--it's just not the default option.  Change "When the application window is resized" option to "Don't redraw the display to fit inside the window"

I want it the default option! posted by hosbee m on Sep 18 2011 4:17AM
How can I make the option "Don't redraw the display to fit inside the window" the default option? (the changing of this option is not saved in "normal.mxt")
Efficient refresh posted by Aileen Buckley on Sep 22 2011 1:44PM
We dropped the data view option in 10.0 and set the default to the option that maintains scale. We did this so refresh was more efficient with dockable windows.

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