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Font inconsistancies with export to pdf

October 21 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I am working on a plat book and am having trouble with fonts. When I print my layout using the ArcMap print function, the fonts look really good and have consistant weights. None of my anno for the names are bold, they are all Arial, normal and are 4pt to 5pt. When I export to pdf some of my fonts come out looking bold and inconsistant. I am using Fast OIQ, 96 dpi, compress vector graphics is checked, and image compression is set to deflate. Convert marker sympbol is checked as is embed all fonts. I used the Maplex label engine to create the anno. See the attached page.

Mapping Center Answer:

Generally, speaking one of the PDF export options is causing the problem.  Clearly your goal is to get the smallest PDF file size possible.  The way I go about this is to first export without any strategy for file size--making sure I get the best looking map.  Then I export again, changing only one setting. I keep doing that systematic process to determine which options actually help me.

Since you don't have any imagery in your map, the OIQ setting is not doing anything.  I would expect that 96 DPI is too coarse and would recommend 300; that's what your printer is likely using to get the good output. Then turn on the vector compression, and if you want people to see things like highway shields and such, check the option to embed the fonts.

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