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Address Labelling for parcels

October 23 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

ArcInfo 9.2

I have attached a jpeg that will illustrate my problem.

I am trying to create address number annotation for each parcel that has such information for the entire Contra Costa County, CA.

The methodology that brings me to this point is as follows:
- Calculate a float field with the 'Main Angle' Cartography Tool (Made two additional fields, one for the integer value of Main Angle and another that calculated all angles less than 5 and greater than -5 to 0; 85-90 to 90 and -85 - -90 to -90)

- I then used ET tools to create a point shapefile(light purple dots in attch) at the center of the polygons and use this to auto-label the address number based on the 'mainAngle' field.

- The problem I am faced with is that the main angle looks to have used the angle of the shorter side of the parcel in some cases (I have inserted red boxes into the image as markers of this occurence)

Do you have any suggestions on improving this method? If I convert to annotation as it is I feel I will have too many edits over the entire county! I just want to make the auto labelling a little better before converting to anno...

Thank you very much!! I look forward to a response.
Brian Greer

Mapping Center Answer:

I have a couple of reactions:

1. The Maplex extension would do a better job; you've got an ArcInfo license, so you've got Maplex.  You wouldn't have to do all that geoprocessing.  The only Maplex setting you need to change is the Position from Horizontal to Straight.

2. Looks like a bug in the Main Angle tool is far from perfect.    So noted. 


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