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San Diego Village Propensity Map in ESRI Map Book v23

October 24 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design, Cartographic Effects


I am in awe of the San Diego Village Propensity Map.

Let me guess. It looks like they have a hillshade and some sort of raster layer that was an output of a parcel based analysis taking those factors(transit access, population, retail mix). But the shaded layer also has the properties of a hillshade. Its not just that there is hillshade and a transparent symbolized polygon layer. There are purple sections that have ridges and looks integrated if that makes sense.


If I could make something like this I would be thrilled.

Mapping Center Answer:

Your guess and mine differ a bit.  We agree that there is a hillshade layer.  However, I don't think the parcels were converted to raster.  I think there are two layers on top of the hillshade.  A selection of parcels (based on a definition query) shown with the purple-blue color and they are probably about 40-45% transparent so the hillshade shows.  Then between the parcels and hillshade is a layer showing the results of a spatial analysis--shown with the multi-hue color ramp of red-orange-yellow-cyan-blue. 

In the end, that's my guess--the web page you reference has Michael Klein's email; my suggestion is email him and ask.

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