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Stacked Map Layers Template

October 27 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects

Is there a template in ArcGIS/ArcMap for a creating map presentation as a series of stacked layers? That is, the layers are laid out in a pseudo 3-D perspective and offset along the z-axis so that each layer can be viewed individually but are geographically aligned.

The following link shows an example:

- Charlie Cornish

Mapping Center Answer:

There's nothing that does that in ArcMap.  I've done that same effect in Adobe Illustrator using exports of maps and then using the Skew tool on each and the moving/offsetting the results.  The idea is that each of the maps in the stack was originally a square--the Skew tool turns it into a parallelogram.  Moving/offsetting creates the stack effect.  In our data model posters I also rotated each map after skewing it to create the layer stack diagram:

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