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Masking effect

October 29 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects, Symbology


How do you create a masking effect similar to this map (see attachment) where the black road casement behind the labels are removed? The topographic map was enhanced using Adobe Illustrator and I would like to recreate this effect in ArcGIS.

Mapping Center Answer:

In this case the masking effect can be done in ArcGIS by:

1. Instead of using a single layer with multi-level line symbols, break the layer two layers. The lower layer in the TOC represents the casements (wide black or dark gray lines), and the upper layer in the TOC represents the line fills (whites, reds, etc.)

2. Create masks for the text (annotation).

3. Assign the masking to affect only the lower streets layer (casements).

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