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unique values for polygon outlines

October 29 2008 | 2 comments
Categories: Data Modeling, Map Data, Symbology

I want to assign a unique values color scheme to the feature outlines in a polygon layer, not to the fills. I want each polygon to have a No Color fill but a unique outline color (from the Random Colors scheme or some other default scheme). Is there an automated way to do this? I've been having to double-click each symbol and manually change the outline color.

Mapping Center Answer:

That's a nice enhancement request, of course implying it's not possible today.  Here's an issue:  drawing order.  How do you want the overlapping adjacent polygons to draw?  Geoprocessing offers two solutions:

Feature to Line tool:  Creates line features for each polygon such that the complete outline of each polygon is represented.  This could be input to unique values and you could set the drawing order using symbol level drawing or by separating logical groups of features with selection layers or definition queries.  This option is, at face value, the fastest way to get what you're asking for.

Polygon to Line tool:  Creates line features for each polygon such that only one line feature is created for each shared edge.  This would allow you to assign line symbology based on boundary type (i.e., the meaning of the combination of features sharing the edge).

Any progress on this...3 yrs later... posted by Bob Perham on Dec 15 2011 2:28PM
I've seen many requests for this and I could use it on almost a daily basis. Please make it happen.
Try this... posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 15 2012 12:46PM
Here is an idea:

1. Create a style with the name of the symbols something simple like “1”, “2”, “3”, etc.
2. Then add an attribute that has those exact values. You can reuse the values if you want (e.g., values 1-10 and each 11th features starts numbering again at 1).
3. Then use the Match to Symbols in a Style rendeering option.

The features will have the symbols that you created in the style. They will likely appear to be randomly assigned symbols. If they don’t then simply add more symbols in the style and increase the values in the attribute table.

Here is the online help topic for match to symbols in a style:

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