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Projection used in Google Earth?

November 10 2008 | 2 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design

What projection/datum is used in Google Earth? I would like to use the same projection in ArcMap when creating KMZ files.

Mapping Center Answer:

We have a help topic in ArcGIS 9.3 that generally covers this question, it's called How to build online base maps. It covers this question for a variety of web mapping applications.  

WGS_1984 is answer to your specific question.

WGS 1984 Web Mercator posted by Michael GrĂ¼n on Feb 5 2009 1:44AM
in your mentioned help topic they are writing about the projection "WGS 1984 Web Mercator". I cannot find this projection in our version AG9.2-Sp4. Instead there are the "GCS WGS 1984" and "WGS 1984 PDC Mercator". I used these projections to load a shape-file which I created with the "convert kml to shp"-modul in ArcToolBox with several points from Google Earth.
With "WGS 1984 PDC Mercator" there is a deviation from about 1800 meters, with "GCS WGS 1984" the deviation is about 800 meters (to the same points from a original ArcGIS-Dataset-shapefile in WGS 1984), which is also a lot of deviation, I think. Now I would be interested to know, how much the deviation is with this "WGS 1984 Web Mercator". How can I setup this projection or is it only available in v9.3?, what's the meaning of "PDC"

Thanx for any answer...Michael from Trier/Germany
It's in 9.3 posted by Charlie Frye on Feb 5 2009 8:11AM
You'll need to upgrade.

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