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Editor Symbol Features

November 12 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

When I use the editor application to draw a polygon in which I can specify length & direction, the polgyon takes on the symbology of whatever layer specified. I tried creating a new layer specifically for the polygon but it didn't work. Is there any way to fix this so I can change the way the polygon looks without changing any other layers?

Mapping Center Answer:

You have to create an attribute (field) and assign each feature a value in order to symbolize specific features differently.  For the layer symbology the easiest way is to use the Unique Value symbology method where you use the attribute's values as the basis for different symbols for each value.  You start by adding all values for your attribute, and if you need to add new values, use the Add Value button--in the meantime, use the All Other Values option in the Unique Values symbols to be able to see the new features you add while editing.

If you still want to have a different layer for your additional feature, you can do that, but use the Definition Query tab of the layer properties to isolate that feature (and potentially exclude it from another layer that shows other features in the feature class).

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