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November 12 2008 | 1 comment
Categories: Publishing

I want to print my map to fit the scale of 1 inch equals 660 feet. How do I change the scaling factor to fit this new size?

Mapping Center Answer:

Another way of saying your scale is 1/12th of a foot = 660 (feet). So, 12 * 660 = 7,920.  So, type 7920 in the scale control in ArcMap's standard toolbar. 

Map Use book posted by Aileen Buckley on Nov 14 2008 4:17PM
Just a heads up -- the Map Use book that will be coming out this spring through ESRI Press has a chapter on Scale and some very good instructions on converting between different types of scales (verbal scales like 1" = 660 feet, and representative fractions like 1:7,290). Keep an eye out for it!

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