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Creating a Hillshade of my SRTM data results in stripes all over the hillshade.

September 03 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

How can I eliminate striping that occurs when using a hillshade with SRTM data? I obtained the
data from two different sources (Univ. of MD and CGIAR), and both have the same issue. The stripes appear whether using symbology hillshade effect, or creating a hillshade file using spatial analyst. I also tried generating a point shapefile with the elevation values and re-interpolating, but the stripes remain. I also tried the hydrology tool to fill the raster prior to generating the
hillshade. So far have had no luck. I don't have too many options for obtaining elevation data as the study area is in Armenia. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Attachment SRTM hillshade striping

Mapping Center Answer:

(after a couple of email exchanges to learn more...) The problem is the workflow used to produce the striped hillshade. The SRTM data was downloaded in tiles. Those tiles were projected, then mosaicked and the hillshade was produced from the Mosaicked image.

Projecting the SRTM data caused some distortion at the edges. The Mosaic tool will manage to a limited degree artifacts on overlapping edges, but it won't fix system degradation that results from projecting data. I downloaded the same SRTM files and mosaicked them first, then projected the result and produced a hillshade.

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