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Add legend labels - more than two and with a free start, also a free end

November 20 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I made a GRID DEM with elevation values as Z, and I want to export it as a map using a continuous color ramp. However, the legend I insert is not what I want, mainly for the label numbers. I want to have a legend with five labels but it only gives me two, the lower value and the high value. For example, the range of elevation values is 4074m-4096m and I want the label starting at 4075 spaced by 5, so that what the color means is more clear. But the default legend has only two labels, the lowest and highest. What should I do if I want to make my legend like that?

Your advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

What you're asking for isn't possible in the TOC and requires some custom work in the Layout, where you would need to create additional text elements and position over your legend--it's something I do frequently, along with adding a graphic of a calibrated scale. 

Something we failed to make clear (and continually pay for it) was that the TOC in ArcMap is really just an inventory of the layers--we thought it a good thing to do to show the symbology.  Our line of thinking then was grounded in the idea that more people were making paper maps.


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