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leader lines for inset; inset symbology on locator map

December 03 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design, Map Elements

I have 2 questions about displaying insets that have been bothering me since I did the "Cartographic Design using ArcGIS 9" Virtual Campus Training Module 1.

1) I know it's bad cartography, but how do you get 4 leader lines to display for an inset instead of just the 1?

2) I want to symbolize the area within an extent rectangle on the locator map so that it stands out. For example, changing the color of the ocean only for the area within the extent rectangle on the locator map.

If that sounded really opaque, please check out the doc I've attached. I'd like to know how to produce those two different insets.

Thanks so much for your help!

Mapping Center Answer:

In answer to your qeustions:

1) You can only add one leader line automatically through the Extent Rectangle function -- you would have to add teh otehr two as graphic elements to your map layout -- jsut symbolize them exactly as you did the extent rectangle and its leader line.  In the example you sent us, you also have the data frame of the area that is enlarged symbolized the dame way -- this is good because all the graphics have the same symbology. But as you ntoe, this is not an ideal solution.

2) You would have to create a new geographic feature for the ocean area that you want to symbolize differently, add it to the overview data frame, and change the symbology there.  That symbology would be the same as the water symbol in your detailed area. (I assume you are only changing the ocean area in this data frame because changing the polygon fills for the data collection areas would be a definite cartographic no-no.)

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