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Export Transparency Settings

December 05 2008 | 2 comments
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Couldn't find answer in the forums. I am having problems exporting maps with transparency settings. If a map has any layer with transparency adjustments, the whole map will not export to Illustrator or EPS formats. If I export to tiff, the layer with transparency is not included.


Garrett Davis

Mapping Center Answer:

This appears to be a special case of this problem – transparency should export just fine to all formats. You should contact technical support through your normal channels for help with this problem.

Export Transparency Settings Results in Raster-fil posted by Hans E Jacobsen on Dec 16 2008 3:09AM
We also have a problem with transparent layers. It’s possible to export to both .pdf and .ai – other formats - but with the transparency setting on it will export as raster and not vector. Can this problem be solved or do we have to continue exporting the file without transparent layers and then open the file in Adobe Illustrator and set the transparency there? Is it possible that the problem will be solved if ArcGIS use a newer version of pdf-creator (now 1.6)?
Known issue posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 25 2010 4:19PM
This is a known issue and we have a couple of Knowledge Base articles that deal with this:

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