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Symbolizing a polygon layer with a band of color along the inside edge of each polygon

December 05 2008 | 0 comments

I need to show the boundaries of a handful of polygons with a band of color along the inside edge of the polygon boundary with the rest of the inside area transparent. I've tried using a gradient fill where one end of the gradient is transparent, but that did not work. I thought of creating a buffer that runs only along the inside of each polygon, but the buffer tool in the tool box does not allow creating only an inside buffer. The attached image shows the effect I am looking for. The boundary of Shining Rock is shown win black with a transparent grey band along the inside of the area. I want to recreate the grey band.
Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Mapping Center Answer:

One of the very first blog entries we wrote dealt with this subject -- it is called "How to produce tint bands for boundaries". "Tint bands" is what the National Geographic Society calls this cartographic effect -- check out the blog entry with its instructions to see how you can achieve this effect, and let us lnow if you have any further questions.

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