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Symbology for shipwrecks

December 09 2008 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

Where would I find symbology for shipwrecks?

Mapping Center Answer:

We actually have some symbols for shipwrecks in one of our ArcGIS fonts.  Check the ESRI NIMA DNC PT font -- there are symbols there for these three types of shipwrecks:


Wreck showing hull or superstructure


Submerged wreck (dangerous)


Submerged wreck (non-dangerous)











Symbology for shipwrecks posted by Dan Page on Oct 26 2009 12:18PM
Where I can I find this ESRI NIMA DNC PT style?
Shipwreck symbols in an ESRI font posted by Jaynya Richards on Oct 26 2009 1:11PM
There are no specific styles called ESRI NIMA DNC PT. These symbols are located within a font that you can use to create a character marker symbol.

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