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Digitizing Roundabouts

December 10 2008 | 1 comment

Fairly recently, communities in our area have begun to build roundabouts more frequently. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best way, or some best practices, for reprsenting them in a street centerline database?

Mapping Center Answer:

A place to start would be the blog entry on symbolizing one way streets. Though this does not get into the data modeling too much, you can start here.  Once you take a look at that maybe you could send us any follow up quations you might have about data representation or symbology.

Treat centerlines for roundabouts as a one-way str posted by Charlie Frye on Dec 11 2008 5:46PM
You would draw the path around the circle, and digitize it in the direction of traffic flow--that will make it easier to build a network. The roundabout will actually be represented with several features (one more features than you have incoming roads). This will allow you to set up a network dataset with turn information for each road coming into the round about.

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