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How to find fence line or tree line symbols

December 11 2008 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

I don't seem to have any tree or fence line symbols in my Symbology styles. I was wondering where to find some or is this something i'll just have to create myself

Mapping Center Answer:

The ESRI US Forestry 2 font has a number of tree symbols, both planimetric and profile that do not (unfortunately) appear in any style files.  So, you would need to create your own symbols, but at least the parts are there to work with.

There's nothing for fences (beyond the idea of you creating a dash pattern and calling that a fence symbol).

Additional fence-like symbols posted by Jaynya Richards on Dec 16 2008 1:13PM
You may also find the line symbols in the ESRI helpful in constructing fence symbols. The symbols are a type of Marker Line Symbol.

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