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Symbolize line then width by value

December 15 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am drawing a blank on this, I know it is something simple but can not figure it out. I have a feature class of routes, I want to symbolize by color, routes that share the same attribute, but then I want to change thickness based on a value added to each line, where the thickness then represents that value and the color represents the shared attribute. Then to display this in a legend, where the color represents the shared attribute but thickness shows the value. The thickness should be in one color to avoid confusion.

Mapping Center Answer:

There are two ways to do this:

1. In the Unique Values section of the Layer Properties symbology tab, the second option: Unique values, many fields will do what you need.  The first value field typically would be the color field and the second size.  This allows you to specifically set the width--allowing variances in width by color, i.e., the most flexible option.

2. In the Multiple Attributes section of the Layer Properties symbology tab, the Quantity by Category (only option) will do this as well.  Start by choosing the field you want for colors to be the first value field.  Then Click on the Symbol Size button and set the Value field to be the field that determines the width of the lines.  This will force all colors (types) of lines to use the same sizes.

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