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Labeling PLSS Grids with PLTS

December 15 2008 | 0 comments

PLTS doesn't have a solution for Labeling the PLSS. Since the PLSS are not standard grids, tools like the Grid Manager don't take them into account. The little jogs and exceptions in the pattern require that this be feature class based.

Mapping Center Answer:

We would just use the out-of-the box reference grid for printed maps. So, you would need a polygon dataset for the reference grid functionality to work. PLSS was the specific case we designed the reference grid functionality to handle, so that should do.

For online maps or map sheets without standard collars, we would label the polygon feature at relatively small scales, and at larger scales use Maplex's border labeling feature to label the line features.

The following link goes to the online help topic called Adding grids and graticules. The second half of this topic covers adding reference grids and custom overlay grids:

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