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label polygons by rotation field

December 17 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Data Modeling, Labeling

I want to label polygons by Rotation that comes from the FC field (like label points By Rotation Field). each polygon in the FC has is own rotation value.

Precondition: No Maplex, the polygon FC layer is Dynamic, cannot use Annotation or FC link Annotation, the Display is on Web Application.

Attach Picture File: that Display the problem - number Value from the FC, the line display the location I want them to be.

Mapping Center Answer:

Okay, so nothing is going to work to just label the features by a mandated angle.  First, I am guessing that changing the default setting for the Standard Labeling Engine from "Always Horizontal" to "Always Straight" isn't doing what you need.

Next, I would approach this by creating annotation, then using Spatial Join to join the annotation back to the polygons--which will allow you to calculate the annotation angle field to the value of the angle field in the polygon data.  Do this in an edit session, because the only way to get the annotation to update properly when editing its fields is within an edit session (ArcMap's editor runs additional validation functionality within an edit session that will not get run if running the Calculate outside an edit session.)

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