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Images inserted into map layouts too big - Easy Fix???

December 17 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Publishing

Is there a way to edit photos inserted into a map layout document? I have inserted images that I formatted to be *X* size and *x* dpi but now my mxd is huge, and the exported pdf is huge. Is there a way in ArcMap to edit images?

Mapping Center Answer:

As picture elements in a layout, there is not way to edit image (photos) in ArcMap.  However, if the photo is stored in a file format that can also be used as a raster layer, you can add the photo as a layer, and then by right-clicking on the layer, choosing Data, and then Export Data, you will be able to:

  • Crop the image to the data frame's extent.
  • Change the format
  • Change the cell size

None of these operations in ArcMap are what I would deem particularly sophisticated.  You'd be much better off doing these changes in photo editing software, where there are additional tools to manage, particularly the color palette.

That aside, when you're printing or exporting, if these are the only images in the map (including the raster layers in the data frames), you can set the Output Image Quality (OIQ) setting in the print or export dialog to one of the less aggressive settings to reduce file size.


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