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Technical Papers on using GIS for Cartography

December 23 2008 | 1 comment
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Hello -

I am putting together a development proposal for acquiring GIS (specifically ArcGIS) for implementation in our map production process. I know all of the reasons for making such a move - I worked with ArcGIS for 10 years with another organization so I am well versed in the benefits of moving to a GIS platform from a graphics platform. The problem is, when writing my proposal, I am required to provide some scientific / technical references to (preferably) published papers. I've scoured the Internet, including the Other Resources section you have listed on this site, looked through old copies of ArcNews and so on but I am having difficulty finding something that I can refer to - probably because all of this old news, really old news. I am asking you if you can point me in the right direction on this - I'm guessing that I will need to go back 10 or 15 years ot find something that speaks to why cartography should be done using GIS as opposed to graphics software. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Mapping Center Answer:

Actually much of what I would recommend is on the Other Resources tab of Mapping Center. There are too many things there to easily sift through (we're in the process of testing an improved system that we expect to deploy early next year).  I would also characterize this body of literature suffering a bit from the forest not being clearly visible for the trees.

There are a number of angles to take on this:

1.  Systematization of information in a GIS

March 2005. Buckley, A., Frye, C., Buttenfield, B., & Hultgren, T. An Information Model for Maps: Towards Cartographic Production from GIS Databases

Brewer, Cynthia A., and Barbara P. Buttenfield, 2007, Framing Guidelines for Multi-Scale Map Design Using Databases at Multiple Resolutions, Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 34(1): 3-15.

July 2005 Frye, C., and Buckley, A. Cartography: Data Modeling for Large Scale Maps and Map Production

2003 Frye, C., & Eicher, C. Modeling Active Database-Driven Cartography Within GIS Databases

2.  Automation of cartographic Tasks  (There are many of these, here are few examples):

2004 Frye, C. Cartographic Models in GIS for Natually Fuzzy Features (Named Marine Water Bodies, Islands, and Landforms & Physiographic Regions

2005 Brewer, C., and Frye, C. Comparison of GIS and Graphics Software for Advanced Cartographic Symbolization and Labeling: Five GIS Projects

2005 Hardy, P., Eicher., C., Briat, M., Kressman, T. Database-stored Representations and Overrides: Supporting Automated Cartography with Human Creativity

3.  Management of GIS-based mapping work

June 2006, Frye, C. A Product Driven Approach to Designing a Multi-Purpose Multi-Scale GIS Base Map Database that Supports High Quality Mapping

I would also recommend joining CAGIS and, in the meantime, sift through through their online collection of journals (Cartography & GIS). Here area couple recommendations:

First, go to the Abstracts page.

Then see Vol 34, No. 2 (April 2007) And find the U.S. National report to the International Cartographic Association.

The NACIS Journal, Cartographic Perspectives has a number of articles on this subject and I suspect the CCA's journal does as well.






ESRI web site for mapping literature posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 20 2009 2:53PM
You could also check out the following ESRI web site:

It points to literature that relates to "GIS for Map, Chart, and Data Production".

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