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Pasted table graphic formatting is lost(partially) when exporting the map to PDF

September 13 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Publishing

I have a large map 34 x 44 of our state Hydrologic Units. I would like a pdf export but lose
lines in the table I have on the map and also when I try to print a large map pdf the vector lines
go straight on the last half of the print. Any advice?

Mapping Center Answer:

How did you add the table to your map? If it was using the “Add table to layout” menu option on the table window’s Options menu, then you cannot change the formatting as that is actually an enhanced metafile .EMF formatted picture of your table that was inserted into your layout.

Typically when I want a nice looking, professionally formatted table on my maps I open the data in Microsoft Excel, save it as a spreadsheet and then format the spreadsheet. Then I copy the range of cells from the spreadsheet (CTRL-C) and then in ArcMap paste (CTRL-V) the cells into the layout. This will create the same kind of EMF picture, but the formatting will be as you set it up in Excel, where you have full control. Also the Excel EMF generator, from my experience doesn’t cause the run-away lines.

Another route you could take is to use the Report function; though I would offer that most people find that route frustrating for the learning curve associated with the report tool. But, if you have learned know how to use the report tool, you’ll be in good shape.

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