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ProperCase and ordinal indicators

January 08 2009 | 3 comments
Categories: Map Data

I downloaded your script. It's great script, but it doesn't deal with ordinal indicators.

"77TH AVE" becomes "77Th Ave", not "77th Ave"
"43RD RD" becomes "43Rd Rd", not "43rd Rd"

Any ideas?

Mapping Center Answer:

I didn't think about it when I wrote the script--it shouldn't be hard to add, but I won't have much time in the coming week or so--but I'll get it done relatively soon and add a comment to this and ping you when the update is available.

I hate to mention it... posted by Michael Ross on Jan 8 2009 1:11PM
Another thing I noticed: UNIVERSITY was changed to uNiversity.
Eg “6600 N uNiversity Dr”
“3401 South uNiversity Drive”
Crazy, right?

Also “Scottish Happy Meal” made me laugh – but The O’Sullivans and folks who live on Tam O’Shanter Blvd aren’t laughing (“Tam O’shanter Blvd”)

By the way, the blog has some really great tips. I’m definitely a regular reader.

Thanks again.
I thought I'd fixed that... posted by Charlie Frye on Jan 8 2009 1:27PM
I remember writing code so "uNion Street" and the like wouldn't happen--I'll revisit that too.
Explanation & Updates posted by Charlie Frye on Jan 24 2009 9:51AM
Okay, so what I figured out is that the .cal statements that you can download off of Mapping Center, which is the subject of this question, were among the earliest of the incarnations of these scripts. The most recent incarnation is a toolbox of script tools written in Python, available at ArcScripts:

Since I was looking at this I rewrote the guts of the (I wrote it three years ago or so when I first was learning Python, and I've since learned better ways to do this task). It handles both of the situations described in the question and comments. In fact the reason I used Python is that it had much easier to use String functions--that inherently eliminated the uNion Street problem. These tools have always handled the "77Th" problem as well.

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