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Line symbols look "cut up" at the ends

September 16 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Modeling, Symbology

How can I avoid the cut up look of the end of the line (see attachment) when using the Arc End Point tool or Tangent tool?

I know I can avoid it using round ending for the line, but all the lines in my maps have butt ending and I don't want to change all the lines or to create a different category for lines drawn with the above mentioned tools.

So, if you have a trick around this problem I would be happy to hear it.

BTW, another bugging problem is when I am drawing a line feature which consists a straight line followed by an arc. The line always seems 'broken' at the connection point between the straight line and the arc (it looks like a crack in the line). Can you help me with this issue?

Attachment: Screenshot of cut up end of line (in red)

Mapping Center Answer:

So this is a bug that we have not figured out a solution to. The problem arises when we symbolize lines that end with parametric geometry segments using wide lines.

On the first try to reproduce this I made a nice purposefully symmetrical Arc; which only demonstrates that it will only work properly in a very few cases.

I did think of a workaround, which is to convert the feature class to shape file and bring that back into your geodatabase. Converting to shapefile format will result in the geometry being “densified” meaning your parametric geometry will be converted to non-parametric geometry because shapefiles do not support parametric geometry. The densified geometry will display the symbols you are using correctly.

Sorry it’s not a first rate solution, but at least there is a way to display the features the way you require.

On the other problem, I want to confirm that you’re using Round for the line symbol join option. Using bevel or miter will cause those cracks or slivers to show.

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