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Text Rotation

January 09 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Map Data

Is there a way to get the labeling of a point to be drawn perpendicular to a neighboring line without having to calculate a rotational angle in the attribute table to drive the rotation? Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

No--among other things, how would the point feature know which line?  If you're familiar with the Spatial Join tool, that would be an example of a process that would help the points find the correct line--however you definitely would not want to incur that processing time each time you labeled your features.  You would also need to address not just getting the angle of the line nearest, but its is really the angle of the nearest line segment that you'd want. 

The tool that will assign line angles is the Calculate Geodesic Angle, and that is in the cartography toolbox in the symblization refinement toolset--it requires an ArcInfo license.

To do the two point line segments, try the Python script that was posted on Mapping Center by Kim Ollivier last year that does this, it's in the comments of the the Showing coast lines and boundaries on a thematic map topic.

If anybody else has a script to do this, or wants to adapt Kim's to this specific task, that would be great.


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