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January 09 2009 | 0 comments

On regular occasions, I'll use Arcmap to create attribute data that will help me symbolize my layers when I do finishing work in Illustrator.

For instance, I am using Arcmap to symbolize a countries polygon layer according to each country's size in square miles. I want to then create an attribute field with a value of 1-10 to indicate a country's size for labeling purposes in Illustrator. I like using the symbolization engine in Arcmap to help me figure out the classification of the different sizes. Then I will use the select by attributes tool to select all the countries with a square mileage between 0 and 8,607 sq miles and attribute a column with the value '1'.

When i bring it into Illustrator using mapublisher, i will then select all the countries with a value of '1' and give them really small name labels and do the same with the 2,3,4... attributed countries.

I am just wondering if there's a tool somewhere in Arcmap that would allow me to select all the features within a symbol classification so that I can skip the step of using Select By Attributes.


Mapping Center Answer:

I might be missing your popint, but let's see if this helps... can start by symbolizing the data using Quantities -- in your example, you would use AREA. Using the classification dialog, you can set the breaks.

To set these up as label classes as well, use the Label Manager and create label classes based on the symbolofy you ued for the features.  This is called "Creating label classes based on symbology classification" in the online help. Using Label Manager you can then set the label specifications for each of the clases -- smaller labels for features with smaller areas, larger labels for features with larger areas, or whatever you want.

Then when you export to Illustrator, your labels are sized for you.

Let me know if I answsered your question!

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