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Symbols and legend change in PDF to another computer

January 13 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing, Symbology

In our working environment we create maps and export them as pdf for annual report and HOD. At some point we notice that the symbols in the PDF change to be Dollars$.

How do we solve this problem on computers without ArcGIS, like my HOD's Laptop?

Mapping Center Answer:

The first step in tackling this problem may simply be to make sure that the symbols are showing up in your map document (.mxd) in ArcGIS. If they aren't showing up right, then you might be using a character marker symbol somewhere that is referencing a font that's not installed in your computer's font registery (usually C:\WINDOWS\Fonts). 

If they are, then make sure that the "Embed All Document Fonts" option is selected before you export your PDF. When you export the map to PDF, in the bottom portion of the Export Map window there are a number of Options that you can set.  Under the Format tab, make sure the "Embed All Document Fonts" option is checked (see attached image).

This option allows the fonts that were used in the map document to be viewed in PDF format on any machine whether or not it has ArcGIS or the fonts.  For more information on this topic, see Exporting a Map.  Under the "Exporting a map to an interchange and print format" topic there is an overview of export options for PDF and other supported formats.

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