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Resizing symbology in the legend

January 21 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements, Page Layout, Publishing, Symbology

I am working on a large-scale map comprised of many point shapefiles, and their symbology appears so tiny in the legend. Is there a way to resize them in the legend without having to actually resized them in the map itself?

Mapping Center Answer:

Do you have a reference scale set for the data frame that is the basis for your legend?  If so, make sure your data frame is zoomed to the reference scale, or more likely set the reference scale to be the same as your map's scale (in the layout).

If that's not the issue, I'm assuming the marker symbols in the legend are the same size as those on the map.  That is correct cartographic convention--your legend symbols should never be different than what appears on the map.  And since all rules were meant to be broken, you could convert your legend to graphics (right click on it) and then ungroup the resulting graphics and change the size of the symbols, but... make a prominent note on within the legend that you have broken from convention and done this for your reader's benefit.

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