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File Geodatabase & Customizing Legend

January 27 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Elements

When a number of representations have been created for a layer within a file geodatabase is there anyway to control which of the representations are visible within the legend? I've had to resort to converting the legend to graphics to remove representations I would not like in the legend, but would like in the data frame.

Mapping Center Answer:

I'm not completely sure I understand, but I think this sample, called Legend Limiter, which I think will automate what you're doing:


Legend options posted by Anna Schwabedal on Jan 28 2009 1:42AM
When you use Representations for symbolizing your data, you can manage within the Representations Class Properties which Rule shall be displayed in the legend. This option is found under the black "triangle" (where you can also define Symbol Levels, Masking etc) - naturally these Legend Options are only in ArcMap definable.
Hope that helps,
ESRI Suisse

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