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Static text with dynamic legend frames

January 31 2009 | 0 comments

Help Mr. Wizard, Help!

Is there a way of attaching static text to a dynamic legend frame?

I produce maps for wildland firefighters. The legends need to be floating. A floating legend allows me to give the firefighters the "most real estate" possible on the map. I also need have text that does not change in content but needs to expand/contract with the legend frame (i.e., company info, patent numbers, etc.)

I have gone the route of converting the legend to a graphic and then editing. This process is too labor intensive in a production mode.

Thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

If you area asking if it is possible to include some graphic text in your legend for information that is not part of the legend info, then this is not possible.

There might be a possible "roundabout workaround":

1. Add the text as the legend title, but realize that this doesn’t give you much flexibility – for example, the title is always placed at the top of the legend. Or...

2. Add the text as a description for a class – this could be a "dummy" class in an existing layer or a "dummy" layer. Basically, the "dummy" class or layer would be a placeholder to hold the text. Then you could include the layer/class in the legend. I haven’t tried this workaround, but it should be do-able.

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