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Elevated Storage Tank

February 05 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

Is there an existing symbol for an elevated storage tank?

Mapping Center Answer:

I am not sure exactly what symbol you are looking for as there is no standard symbol for elevated storage tanks for all maps.  However, you can find a marker symbol for an "above ground storage tank" in the Environmental style, and there is a "water tank site" symbol in the CAD GIS Center SDS 200 style.  On USGS topographic maps, the symbol for a tank is a small circle filled with black (see the 1:24,000 quad series Publication Symbols at  There is a symbol like this in various styles, including the default ESRI style.

ESRI AMFM Water posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 6 2009 9:24AM
There is an elevated storage tank symbol in the ESRI AMFM Water font. To create a marker symbol using this, first use Style Manager and open whatever style you want the symbol to reside in. Click the Marker folder and in the panel at the right, right click and select New then Marker Symbol. In the Symbol Property Editor, click the drop down arrow at the top to change the Type to Character Marker Symbol. Change the font to the ESRI AMFM Water font. Towards the bottom of the preview window you will see a symbol that might work -- the Unicode value is 94. Set any other parameters you want (color, size, etc.) and then click OK. Now you have a new elevated storage tank symbol using that character from the ESRI AMFM Water font.

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