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How to Create Labels for a Grid like the USGS Topo Maps

February 09 2009 | 1 comment

How do you get the labels for a measured grid to look like the USGS Topo Maps? I can get them to group by a certain number, but most UTM Northings have one extra digit that throws it all off.

Mapping Center Answer:

WOW! I learned something REALLY COOL in order to answer your question -- you can actually do all of this AUTOMATICALLY!

The measured grid is a data frame property, so first you need to add a grid by right clicking the data frame name in the Table of Contents and then clicking the Grids tab. Add a New Grid and make it a Measured Grid. You can accept all of the defaults until you click Finish. Once you have this new grid added, click the Properties button on the Grids tab to see the properties for the Measured Grid you just added. Click the Labels tab, click the drop down arrow under Label Style and select the Corner Label option and click OK.

This labels your map just like the UTM coordinates are labeled on a USGS topographic quad. You can make further refinements if you want by clicking Additional Properties and adjusting the settings on the Principal Digits tab.

Thanks posted by Brett Bingham on Feb 13 2009 11:47AM
I knew there was a way to do it, I just couldn't remember the steps.
Thanks again!

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