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Fill colour symbology

February 09 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Symbology

When creating an inset to display data in more detail, I don't label the features in the area of the main map that is going to be enlarged as the labels are sitting on top of each other and look messy.

To create a sql query in the label dialog to exclude those labels is time consuming. Is there an opaque colour option that I can use where I select a subset of data to cover those areas so the labels do not show up?

Mapping Center Answer:

Have you tried using an Extent Rectangle to show the inset map area? I have a suspicion that this will take care of your problem, if you have not tired it already. Extent rectangles let you show the extent of one data frame within another data frame, and they are actively linked so that if you change the extent of your inset map area it automatically updates in the extent rectangle data frame.

When you use an Extent Rectangle, you add a new data frame to your mxd. Then you can copy and paste the layers you want to show up in it from your existing data frame. You then symbolize and label the features in the new data frame however you want.

In your case, I think that you might want to just turn off the labels for the features in the extent rectangle data frame, or at least some of the labels.

In DIRECT answer to your question, you can set the color of the labels to No Color and they will not draw.

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