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Carto Rep Feature Labels....

February 12 2009 | 4 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations

...stay on when Visibility is checked off in the Representation Properties box.

Mapping Center Answer:

Well -- this is exactly what is meant to happen, and actually it is for a good reason, so let me try to explain, and also tell you how you can turn off the labels.

You have the ability to control the visibility of the features and their labels. These are two separate things – and you want them to be. Sometimes you want the labels to show, but not the features, and sometimes you want the features to show and not the labels. This also applies to subsets of the features – maybe you only want some features to show, or you only want some labels to show.

One way to set the visibility of the features is on the Layer Properties Symbology tab by clicking the small arrow at the bottom right of the Representations dialog box, clicking General Properties, and then clicking the Visibility on or off. But you set the label visibility on the Layer Properties Labels tab. If you don’t want the labels to show for the entire layer, click off the Label features in this layer option. A Definition Query gives you control over which features are drawn, and a SQL Query gives you control over which labels are drawn.

Alternatively, you can use Label Manager to manage labels and their visibility – this is usually a MUCH easier route to take if you have many features labeled in your map. 

Follow Up? posted by john evaskovich on Mar 10 2009 10:37AM
Thanks for your answer, but I'm still left hanging probably because I was not clear in my query, or because I don't understand your answer.

I need to turn off labels tied to specific representation features. Features that I am turning visibility off for in the rep dialog box.

Are you saying the only way to do that is with a label expression under either Layer Properties or the Label Manager? Which has nothing to do with representations.

That means there is NO label control under any representation function?

Symbol visibility posted by Charlie Frye on Mar 10 2009 5:23PM
What you're describing is similar to what happens when you make a unique values legend but do not assign symbols to all values, and do not use the All Other Values--these features are still available to be identified, selected, labeled, etc. So, just telling a representation for a given feature not to draw is the same--it doesn't imply excluding the feature from other GIS activities.

If you do not want a label, or do not want the feature to be in the map, then use either the layer's definition query to exclude it, or if it is just about the label, use the label class's SQL query to exclude that feature.
SQL expression to exclude the label with value ZER posted by Marcia Workman on Jun 29 2009 11:09AM
I have several features with numeric field with value equal to zeros. I want to label the features, but excluding those with “Zero” values. What is the SQL query expression which can exclude them?
AND “” <> 0 posted by Aileen Buckley on Jul 1 2009 11:20AM
AND “” <> 0

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