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Is there a way to automatically update the date on a map template?

February 19 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Elements

I am creating templates for maps for a new client. I was wondering if there was a way to update the date box on the map template automatically every time I use it. I want to be able cut down the amount of time I spend updating the little things when I have to make a quick map. Am I dreaming that there might be a quick and easy way to do this???

Mapping Center Answer:

I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the out-of-the-box ArcMap that does this.  However, some extensions, like PLTS have dynamic text elements that can be set to show system settings, like date and login-name.  Here's the PLTS help topic that has an overview what dynamic text can do.  Also notice when that help launches, the table of contents on the left pane shows detailed topics.

Support Site posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 19 2009 2:43PM
If you type "date stamp" in on the Downloads tab of the ESRI Support Site (, you will get a lot of hits, including this one about how to "Add a date/time stamp to an ArcMap layout..." ( As noted, there are others as well.

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