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Copy label properties to other layers

February 19 2009 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling

I have my labels set up for a layer and there are multiple classes and sql queries set to make the labels function as desired. Is there a way to copy all of the label properties (placement, sql queries, expressions) to a different layer? I tried saving to layer file but upon trying to import that layer file to the new layer it doesn't maintain the labeling properties. Thanks

Mapping Center Answer:

You can easily copy label properties from one label class to another using Label Manager. To copy and paste the label parameters from one label class to antoerh, jsut right click the label class in Label Manager and select Copy Parameters, then right click the label class you want to have the same label properties and select Copy Parameters.

The only thing that won't copy is the SQL query, but you can either save this query to a file (there is a Save option in the SQL query dialog box) and Load it in the other label class, or you can simply copy and paste it.

You can also save and load label expressions. These functions are in the label expresions dialog box. But the label expression WILL get copied if you copy the label properties between label classes in Label Manager.

There's an easier way posted by Bruce Keplinger on Jan 13 2015 8:03AM
1) Make a copy of the layer you want as the basis of your labels (assuming you haven't first created a layer file for it, which is a good way to keep all your painstakingly-created labeling parameters).

2) In the pasted layer, change the data source to the data you want to transfer the labeling to (this assumes, of course, that the fields are the same in both sources so all SQL and labeling expressions work).

And there you are, all labeling parameters (and symbology) will now apply to the new data. Save a layer file if you'll be reusing this layer with these labeling parameters.
Right! posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 13 2015 9:16AM
Yup - that will work as long as the features have the same attributes required for labeling (i.e., in the expression, SQL statements, etc...)

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