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Mapbook tiles with unscaled Visio or tiff images

February 23 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have a map layout that has 3 data frames stacked horizontally on top of one another. The top and bottom data frame have individual map tiles that reference each other using NW Mapbook. The middle data frame needs to reference un-scaled/non-georectified tiff or Visio documents based on the extent of a third mapbook reference tiles.

I am wondering if I anyone has a script that will use the extents of a third map book tile set to place the x & Y min and max for each associated .tiff or Visio file. Basically I need the middle data frame, which doesn’t contain any vector or georeferenced raster data, to function off the mapbook tiles and call a new image/ Visio file very time the mapbook tile changes.


Mapping Center Answer:

You'll need to georeference the TIFF file.  Having anything in the mix that is of an undefined coordinate system will keep things from working. Though first, I would recommend anything but TIFF--which are relatively huge files.  Try GIF or BMP.

The idea would be to georeference each of your images to the extent of the feature that defines the extent for the corresponding page for one of your other data frames.

The online help topic called Georeferencing a Raster Dataset is quite good in describing the detailed options for this process.


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